Friday, February 18, 2011

Einstein's Riddle

According to Alberto Eliziano, over 90.00% of the population could not resolve this riddle, are you one of the smart 10 %???


Each of the 3 owners eat a different type of food and drink different beverages.

  1. The Mexican eats tacos.
  2. The Black does not live in house two.
  3. The person drinking sake lives to the right of the person that drinks tequila.
  4. The person in house three does not eat rice.
  5. The Black drinks Cool-Aid.
  6. The Mexican lives to the left of the rice eating person.
  7. The Asian is not a good driver
  8. The Black is always stealing everyone's girlfriend.
  9. The Mexican can not speak English.
Where does everybody live??

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  2. Mexican: House 1
    Asian: House 2
    Black: House 3?
    Don't think the original version had as much racial stereotyping.

  3. House 1 Mexican
    House 2 Asian
    House 3 Black

    Logic : Assuming the asian drinks sake and he lives to the right of someone, he cannot live in house 1. The person in house three does not eat rice, so the Asian must live in house 2.

    The Mexican lives to the left of the Asian (rice eating), so he must live in house 1.

    This leaves the Black to live in house 3.

    Unless I'm missing a deeper message.

  4. 90% is highly exaggerated. Maybe it was true back then when Einstein was still living.
    It takes some time but I already solved it once in the past.

  5. the black lives in america
    the mexican lives in mexico
    the asian lives in asia

    or, literally
    house 1: mexican
    house 2: asian
    house 3: black

  6. mexican asian black. 1 2 3. respectively..maybe.

  7. i probs got it wrong but is it mexican, asian, black?

  8. wtf?!? this is awesome, i just asked this riddle to my brother and he was wrong haha XD

  9. Already solved it once not a long time ago, is like Ahy says the 90% thing maybe was aplicable in the time of einstein, now I don't believe is true

  10. Interesting read! I'm a small part of it! thanks for sharing!

  11. Tried it once and got bored, who knows maybe I can solve it.

  12. mexican asian black
    Nice and interesting blog mate, keep it up!

  13. Bookmarked this page and scrolled quickly down the comments! Really want to solve this but i'm too tired right now, Looks interesting though. Keep it up!